Toll Free Line

0 800 111 185 FHG

How to use Our Machines

Follow the steps below in order to use our machines

Select any Language of your choice for the steps

Step 1

Choose which service you are paying for (Press the button of your choice)

Step 2

If you want to load airtime for example airtel, choose (press) the airtel icon

Step 3

Press your number for example 0705... and press "Next"

Step 4

Confirm the number that you pressed in and proceed by pressing "Next"

Step 5

Insert the money in the machine where the green light is on the right side and proceed with "Pay"

Step 6

Take your Receipt and wait for a message on your phone.

In case of any inquiries, call on our toll free line - 0800 111 185 which is indicated on the reciept.